Eye Surgery Ophthalmic Instrument Manufacturer , Supplier & Exporter

Ophthalmic Instruments are used in eye surgery. Speedway Surgical Co manufacturer supplier and exporter of Ophthalmic  instruments offers wide range of instruments used in respective surgeries. These instruments are made up of high-quality stainless steel & titanium raw material and are being offered at low prices. The eye surgery instruments are classified as single use & reusable instruments. Single use areoffered in sterile and ready to sterile packaging for getting the sterilizations as per your own commitments.

Disposable Instruments (Ophthalmic)

Disposable Instruments designed for Ophthalmic use includes Air Injection Cannulas – Troutman & Rainin, Retrobulbar Needles for Ophthalmic use including Subtenon Triport Anaesthesia Ophthalmic Cannulas, Lasik Canulas like Lindstorm, Hersh Lasik Flap Irrigator, AC Wash Cannula, Anterior Chamber Cannulas, Capsule Polishers – Engels, Jenson, Visco Cannula, Hydrodissection Cannula, Cystotome, Co-axial Irrigating & Aspirating Cannulas, Simcoe Irrigating & Aspirating Cannulas, Capsular Tension Rings, Iris Retractor, Ophthalmic Knives / Phaco Knives Crescent, Lance Tip, Slit Knife, Keartome, MVR, IOL Manipulators – Sinskey, Y Shaped, Bechert of various types & kinds.

Reusable Ophthalmic Instruments Products

Reusable Ophthalmic Instruments offered by Speedway Surgical Co, Delhi, India are made up of high-grade stainless steel and titanium. These are also offered in high quality at low price. The instruments in the category include Eye Speculums like Barraquer Wire Eye Speculum, Lieberman Eye Speculum, Eye Cannulas like Air Injection, AC Wash, Simcoe Cannula,   Eye Lid Retractors, Scleral Depressors, Lens & Manipulating Hooks like Sinskey, Kuglen, Lens Spatulas, Phaco Choppers, Eye scissors like Tenotomy Scissors, Westcott Scissors, Iris Scissors, Corneal Scissors, various Eye Forceps like Suture Tying & Corneal Forceps, Utility Forceps, Lens Holding Forceps, Bonn Forceps, St. Martin forceps, Capsulorhexis Forceps, Needle Holders like Barraquer Needle Holder, Castroviejo Needle Holder, Sterilization Trays of Plastic autoclavable & Sterilization Trays Stainless Steel of various types & kinds.

Titanium Surgical Ophthalmic Instruments

Reusable Titanium Ophthalmic Instruments are developed in titanium to provide longer durable life to the instruments for precise results. Titanium ophthalmic instruments are lighter in weight proving ease to ophthalmologists with a comfort.

You may review eye instrument being offered in the category and revert with your requirements for quick quotes. Speedway Surgical Co., manufacturer of Ophthalmic instruments also offer a designing of the product. You may get your instrument designed as per your own requirement. Our experienced team helps in research & development of the product. Customized delivery options in export worthy packaging are also provided in order to provide cost savings to practices. Kindly provide us your specific purchase requirement along with quantity to get competitive quotes and prices.